HindiTrans 2.0 is available for download now 


HindiTrans 2.0



HindiTrans is a English to Hindi Transliteration software. Must have software for those who need to work in Hindi but don’t know hindi typing. HindiTrans is the solution for them which enable them to type in hindi without worrying which hindi character is where on the keyboard. Simply type phonetically in english, for example, “meraa naam amit hai” to get the transliterated text in hindi -

Also you can copy and paste this transliterated hindi text to any windows application like MS-Word, MS-Excel, Power Point, Photoshop etc.

There is no limitation of fonts and no special hindi font is required for transliteration.

All standard Hindi fonts are supported means freedom to choose font of your choice to get the converted hindi text in that font. After transliteration also, you can apply any hindi fonts to the transliterated hindi text. Some common font like Devlys Series, Krutidev Series and all devnagri fonts are supported.



The first full featured English to Hindi transliterator, a great tool, no fonts limitation.

HindiTrans is a easy to use, User Friendly solution, with On-Screen help, which Updates on each keystrokes.

Cut, Copy Paste support, Transliterated text can be copied to any other windows application.

Font Compatible means Compatible with all Hindi Fonts. And there is no limitation of fonts and no special hindi font is required for transliteration. And you can apply any other hindi font to the transliterated text.

Fully Editable Word List (Just Click on Hindi word in the word list to be typed automatically)


Hindi KeyPad (Use mouse click on hindi character to be typed automatically)



Supported Platform:Windows 98/Me/XP/7/8/10



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